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Our Team

Team 13181 was the second FTC team under Shoreline Robotics, created in 2017 due to the growing number of team members. Over the years, our team has won many FTC awards and has qualified and competed in the FTC World Championships in Detroit, MI, and Houston, TX. 

Coach Jay

Coach Jay has been a coach of Shoreline Robotics for 7 years. Before that he coached an FLL team. In his spare time, he is a research engineer with the US Coast Guard Research and Development Center. He has a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Computer Science. Jay is a Director of Shoreline Robotics, Inc

Veronica Kushner

Veronica is the Free Wifi Team Captain.  She has been on the team for 6 years as a Lead Designer/Builder, Documentation and Outreach Manager.   

Evan Browne

Evan is the Lead Social Media Coordinator.  He has been on the team for 6 years and helps our team to keep an online presence and communicate with other FTC teams over social media platforms.   

Jack Kushner

Jack is a Builder and Apprentice Programmer on the team. He's been on the team for 2 years, learning about robot construction and programming techniques. 

Coach Irene

Coach Irene has been with FIRST for 8 years. While working under FIRST, she has had the pleasure of spending time with talented and motivated kids looking to express themselves through engineering challenges and collaboration with their peers. Coach Irene works as an engineer at the U. S. Coast Guard Research and Development Center.

Max Eisenbeiser

Max is the team's Head programmer.  He has been a team member for 6 years and has developed our autonomous programs using JavaScript, Android Studio, and Roadrunner software. 

Oscar McLaughlin

Oscar is a Lead Designer/Builder on the team.  He has been on the team for 6 years and uses CAD software to design and print custom parts needed for the construction of our robot.

Adrien Lee

Adrien is a CAD Designer on the team. He joined the team this year and is learning build and programming skills while designing main CAD components for our robot.

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