Our Team

Team 13181 was the second FTC team under Shoreline Robotics, created due to the growing number of team members. In the 2019-20 season, 13181 won the Inspire Award, qualifying the team for the Worlds Championship.

Coach Jay

Coach Jay has been coach of Team 10376 for four years. Before that he coached an FLL team. In his spare time, he is a research engineer with the US Coast Guard Research and Development Center. He has a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Computer Science. Jay is a Director of Shoreline Robotics, Inc.

Coach Wagner

Coach Wagner works for the Navy but in his free time volunteers as a coach for the Cybear’s team. He enjoys playing Fallout 76 and other games with his family at home. He likes robotics because he believes that “teamwork is dream work!”. He joined the team because he enjoys community outreach.

Coach Irene

Coach Irene has been with first for 8 years. While working under FIRST, she has had the pleasure of spending time with talented and motivated kids looking to express themselves through engineering challenges and collaboration with their peers. Coach Irene works as an engineer at the U. S. Coast Guard Research and Development Center.

Coach Hayes

Coach Hayes has been with FIRST for 2 years. Throughout FIRST, he has learned patience, and to always have a second and third way of explaining things ready. Coach Hayes work at the Westerly library as their Technology and Innovation Coordinator.