Our FIRST Alumni

Lisa Spalding

Lisa was a member of Cybears for 2 years (the 2015-16  and 2016-17 seasons). She is currently a junior at WPI, and majors Robotics Engineering. In 2019 she has an internship at FIRST robotics for the summer. When she's on break from school, she mentors the robotics teams. 

Ryan ODell

Ryan was on Cybears for 3 seasons, from 2016 to 2019 and was the lead programmer and team leader. He is attending the University of Rochester, majoring in Computer Science, and minoring in Music Linguistics.​

Thomas McLaughlin

Thomas was a member of Roboaticists for 2 years and was the team leader. He is attending Norwich University and major in Civil Engineering.

Evan Spalding

Evan has been participating in the FIRST community for 9 years. During his time on Shoreline Robotics, he designed, built, and drove. As a senior, he was a team captain. He is now attending WEBB Institute, majoring in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

Joshua Oswald

Joshua was on the team for 2 years. He was a builder and also one of the main programmers. He eventually became a team captain. He is now going to Virginia Tech and is majoring in Engineering.