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10376 Dynamic Drones

Halfway through the season, we started Shoreline Robotics, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization for our team.

At qualifiers,10376 won 7 awards.


Velocity vortex

10376 Cybears

We partnered with the local high school and changed the name to Cybears. 10376 came in 3rd at the qualifier, and won the Design Award at the States competition.


Relic Recovery

10376 Cybears

13181 Roboaticists

Due to the growing number of team members, a second team was created: 13181 Roboaticists.

At Qualifiers, Roboaticists chose Cybears as their alliance partner, and won. The judges were very impressed with the Roboaticists robot, and they won the Collins Aerospace Innovate Award. The Roboaticists helped Cybears qualify for States by picking them as an alliance partner. 

At States, Roboaticists were in the lead during the Qualifying matches. They ended up losing the final qualification match due to a glitch with the autonomous program and ended up in 5th place overall. 


Rover Ruckus



FLL 10658


The FIRST Lego League team Swampabots was created for ages 9-14. The FLL game was called Into Orbit, and their project was about cleaning up space junk. 

At Qualifiers, Cybears was a Think Award finalist, and won the Design Award. Roboaticists was a Design Award finalist, Control Award finalist, and got 2nd place for the Inspire Award, allowing them to move on to the State competition.

At States, Roboaticists was a Design Award finalist; Cybears was the Collins Aerospace Innovate Award finalist, and was the captain of the winning alliance, advancing to the Worlds Championship. 



Blue Screen of Death

Free WiFi

FLL 10658


The teams changed their names because they were no longer part of the high school, and Roboaticists was confusing to pronounce.

At Qualifiers, Blue Screen of Death was a Think Award finalist, the Collins Aerospace Innovate Award winner. They picked Free WiFi for an alliance partner and won. Free WiFi was a finalist for the Control and Collins Aerospace Innovate awards, and got 2nd place for the Inspire Award. 

At States, Blue Screen was a finalist for the Think, Motivate, and Control Awards, and was a finalist alliance captain. Free WiFi was a finalist for the Think and Collins Aerospace Innovate awards, and won the Inspire Award, advancing to the Worlds Championship.


Ultimate Goal

13181 Free WiFi

After deciding to have one team, Free WiFi was able to work remotely and design with Onshape. The robot was completed through different building groups and keeping track of progress with the engineering notebook. After rebuilding the majority of the robot the week before the next meet, Free WiFi ended the season ranking 4th overall. 


Freight Frenzy

13181 Free WiFi
This season, our team met in-person at our robot workshop every week. We competed at the RI State Championships where we placed 8th overall and were awarded the Inspire Award. In April, we attended the FTC World Championships in Houston, TX.  It was such an amazing experience to learn more about robotics and connect with other FIRST Students from around the world!





13181 Free WiFi
This year, our team continues to meet at the robot workshop.  We competed at the 1st RI State Qualifier, placing 1st overall and receiving the Inspire Award.  Currently, we are working to improve our robot, programs, and game strategy for our upcoming State competition in March 2023.


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